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Table of Contents 



a Administration 

^i^£** Faculty ..3b 


^ I Organizations 

\ IcCNGreek Life 


" /I Studies Abroad 

^\ Closing 


Southwestern University 

University at Maple 
Georgetown, Tx 78626 

Rosa Maria Escobar, Editor 

Susanna Westbrook and Martha Blackwell seem to be 
having a really fun time - even though they are NOT j9 
studying like the rest of us. 

Carmina Holguin and Stephanie Saldana are dressed for 
a night on the town. But there is just one question - who are 
the lucky guys? 

Angelica Ramirez and Jennie Costilow hold our very own 
Rosie Ramos hostage. 

Anne Hamrick (aka WABFH)... student or goddess? 

David Cox is being heavily sought after by professional 
kickball organizations. 

Fun all around us at SU 

Wonder what this guy did to deserve a lift from his friends? 

Kristen Hendrix says, "Look Mom, it's white sand! I've 
never seen white sand. Do you think they would mind if I 
took some home?" 

Heather and Cathy love the garbage bag look. It's oh so 
chic! Everyone is sure to follow their lead and start 
wearing nothing but garbage bags. 

Beam me up Scotty! These crazy SU students want to put 
me in one of those SING in between acts! 

Melissa Hillin, Rosie Ramos. Laura Prothro prove their 
dedication to multiculturalism and learn how to dance a 
Cumbia...or maybe they really want to be penguins. 

Okay, okay I' 

up you $10,000, the Porsche, and the 

Scott Woods and Mark Avery have one heck of a time at 
SING this year - even though they cut out the in between 

I know these women aren't going to the Commons to eat! 

Some very politically aware SU students present a debate 
during the 1992 Presidential election to make the public 
more aware of each candidates' platform. 

fc£z * *^H 


1- "^H 




w "\l 






Dude Enrique, the man is down. Why do you have to stick "Say man, you think the Oilers are gonna take the Super Erin Skelley can not only run like Smith, she can throw lit 
the tongue out? Bowl?" "You crazy? The Patriots are gonna take it all Marino. 

this year." 


People from all walks of life 

N00000...I still haven't give birth and I'm tired of wad- Hey, hey you with the camera, take my picture before these 
dling like a duck. guys tackle me to the ground. 

Chief Bickers - you look a little bit wet 
behind the ears. Maybe you should con- 
sider not wearing your clothes to shower in 
or just drying a little before you go out. 

Man, what a wake up call! I wonder if 
these boys could come by and wake me up 
for my 8 o 'clock. They made the Thienster 
bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

These women seem to have gotten lost on 
their way to the rodeo. But they got lucky 
and ended up at the first ever New Student 
Block Party on the Square. 

Oh my gosh! Look out girls! There is a 
camera headed this way and our mouths 
are full! Each man for himself! 

"I'm sorry miss. But you have to move 
your car out of the way. We've got some 
bed races about to start and your car is in 
the way. So move it or I'll tow it." 

itmrj MTjtt 

"Ya know, some of these people are kinda 
weird. I've seen cowgirls, some crazy 
people pushing a bed. I've even seen a 
policeman try to save a lady from a tow- 

■ ■- - ----- -I 

Kiiini ii.jiiiiiiiniirfiii 

Block Party '92 Whatta Blast 

Lily Diaz, and Mike deGuzman love all the 
admiration bestowed on them by the trig- 
ger happy camera person. 

"I'm a little teapot short and stout. Here 
is my handle. Here is my spout. When I 
get all steamed up tip me over and pour me 

Helen Sharkey says, "Don't you take my 
picture! I haven't powdered my nose!" 


Listen girl, you have to wait in line just like 
the rest of us have to. Cutters go to the end 
of the line. 

Dude, these people know how to party! 
We've never been to a gig this exciting! 
You think they'll ask us back? 

Oh my gosh! Oh boy! You aren't taking 
my picture are you?" 

We are the gods of tug-of -war. Beware. 
We might be taking your daughter out next 
Friday night. 

Fun & Studies Go Hand in Hand 

The choices are endless. The quality first rate. The 
place. ..the Commons? (Well, we try to keep the captions 

Erika tells Albert to check his attitude and get it together. 
Get it girl! Work it Baby! You got it girl! 

POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!! Manuel and Shawn have 
a great time at SING and help perform a fantastic skit. 

Can I come out yet? It's really cramped and hot in here. 
I didn't mean to hit him. He made me. He called me a little 

ADPi's always have a great time during their Sisterhood Sonya Irani better known as Rambette shows Nancy 
Week. Plus they get to perform dangerous stunts that McCorpin the latest war time apparel to be worn in any 
should not be attempted at home. These are professionals. season. 

Anne, Robin, and Leilani, the ZTA Sing Coordinators, 
take a break and give their sisters a well deserved breather. 

Brent Lawless creates a masterpiece dessert that anyone 
would want to just eat up! 

Amanda Hunt, Laura Counts, and Carrie George are 
hanging out on the curb. In the middle of the night it's 
pitch dark and not a soul in sight. 

Cathy Syverson and Cindy Offutt have developed the 
dreaded "Our heads are stuck together and we now have 

the power of two brains" disease. 

These ZTA women look like their fixing to 
go out and win a prize at SING 92. Maybe 
they'll even educate some of us on the 
history of the woman's role in America. 

Sommer Reese has such form. Such grace. Such style. 
(Do you think she can hit the ball?) 

Yeah, we want a large pepperoni pizza. We have a 
coupon. Kurth lobby. Extension 7526. Fifteen to twenty 
minutes. Great. Thanks. 

Take my picture. I know I look good. Everyone is going 
to want this picture later. You make sure you get it in the 
Sou'wester. In a good spot no one will miss. 

Do we have to go Cass? I would really rather go to 
Whataburger. They take credit cards! Plus they bring it 
to your table! Here we will have to wait in line. 

Don't you take this picture while I'm on the phone! Don't 
you take. ..I told you not to take the picture. Darn. I 
guess I'll have to put it in the yearbook. HA, HA! 

Gosh darn it! These people are to peppy! What could I 
possibly say that describes how great these people are. 
And how many times do you think I could repeat it? 


These Zetas may look sweet and innocent. ..but get them 
on the sot'tball field and you'll be crying for your mom. 

Oh my God! Derek is a star! I wonder what brilliant thing 
he may be saying. Maybe I can get his autograph later! 

Lisa Plowman, Lolita Trevino, and Maria Avalos are 
dressed to kill. I bet they are going to one of their, " oh so 
fun," ADPi parties. 


Geez! Randi Sutton, Christine Catanzaro, and Lynnette 
Elleuterius look like one of those really famous rap 
groups. I wonder if that's how they pay for their tuition. 

No. You don't say! I can't believe he did that. What was 
he thinking? I bet he's gonna get in trouble. ..I wish 1 had 
gone along and had some of the fun. 

Have You Had Enuf ? 

Yes, we are eating on a tub. It adds to the ambiance. Plus 
there was not any room left in the dining room. But we 
look good on this tub. 

So you see, I really think that's it's about time the school 
did something about it. We've done without someone for 
too long now. Maybe if we apply a little pressure... 

These are just a few of the very selfless people who went 
on the Louisiana Hurricane Relief trip. They gave up a 
weekend to help people they didn't even know. 

Charles Koutras, Ms. Keyes, and Nimish Gandhi are 
among the destroyed homes in Louisiana. They all seem 
to be enjoying what seems to bring out the best in a person 
when another is in need. 

OhmyGod! Could you just die? It's the DELTA DELTA 
There up a tower of sorts. OhmyGod! I'm so embar- 

"Yes! I knocked her off her feet!" Too bad you didn't 
score. Maybe next time. I hope Maria survived that kick 
to the stomach. 



»»»¥ »» 

You didn't just say that. That is so stupid I could die. I 
can't believe I'm even sitting next to you it was so dumb. 

Have you ever seen more beautiful women in your entire 
life? I bet they are helping some group in a fundraiser. 
Those Deltas are known for their awesome fundraising. 

You think if I tip toe away real quiet like they won't notice 
me leaving. Caught. Now I have to stay here and play 
kickball all day. Good thing it's for a good cause. 

These two look so sweet my teeth are falling out. I wonder 
what they are doing in Mood-Bridwell all by themselves. 
They look awfully happy. 

Just your typical purchases at the local HEB for these 
wonderful Zetas. I bet they are all purpose Zetas and can 
do just about anything. 




The Wonders of SU ?????? 

fft t fff ftt ff f ff f 

No I don't think she's here. Let me check. Oh wait. I've 
got another call. Hold on. Yes? Nope I don't think I can 
do that. Well, it'll cost ya. 

You know these hamburgers look better and better every 
minute I'm in here. But it doesn't beat the sandwich bar 
over there. I think I'll play it safe. 

Angie Castro, Jaime Woody, and Lily Diaz look like they 
have had a blast at the New Student Picnic. But geez, 
where's the other bopsy twin? 

Tes just loves being out on the new mall. The air is clean. 
The birds flying around. People to hassle. Plus she got her 
picture in the Sou'wester ! 

I got it! I got it! I don't know, do you think she has it? 
Maybe we should help her out. Na! I think she's got it 
under control. 

Twins? No, friends and roommates - Lily and Elsa. I 
wonder if they dress alike on purpose or if they are so one 
with each other that it is just a wild fluke of nature. 


Power to the People at SU! 

Rosa! Rosa! Take our picture we look gooood! We want 
to be in the 140th Sou'wester ! Please! Take our picture 
and put us on page 16! Please! We pay enough. 

These three people look like the types who might be willing 
to put together a trip to help the Hurricane relief in 

What a group of wild and crazy women! I bet they're 
getting ready for the Tri-Delta Fall party. The Great 
Outdoors is gonna be nothing but fun. 

Sergeant Tref'ftzs I have them cornered. Let's book 'em 
and get to the next bunch of perps. We can even tow a few 
cars, write few tickets. Hey, we could have a blast. 

Take my picture! I have a program and you don't. Don't 
even think of taking a picture of the people in back of me 
waving. I want my picture taken now. 

I don't know. Do you think it will look alright in my study 
area. The colors are a little off. Maybe I should keep 
looking for that perfect print. What do you think? 


Aduonum, Adwoa 
Agee, Amy 
Akin, John 


Argabright, Jennifer 
Armendariz, George 
Arwine, Janie 

Baker, Brooke 
Baronoskie, Alan 
Bermudez. Perla 


Blouin, Kevin 
Bouffard, Konrad 
Burch, Noelle 

Bossart, Beth 
Braden, Tammy 
Carey, Bradley 


Castro, Angelica 
Clifton, Catherine 
Cogan, John P. 

Collings, Leslie 
Covington, Jennifer 


Creekmore, Cynthia 
Cuevas, Jessica 
Culver, LonAnne 

Davis, Kristen 
deLeon, Marissa 


Degollado, Bach- Yen 
Diaz, Liliana 
Dollar, Heath 

Durbin, Jeff 
Eagle, Joseph 
Ellis, Michael 


Escobar, Rosa Maria 
Evans, Tracy 
Fairchild, Mia 

Ferguson, Tracy 
Field, Jeremy 
Fisher, Debbie 


Ford, Jill 
Fuller, Michael 

Gasser, Deborah 

George, Carrie 
Goldsmith, Kim 
Greig, Julie 


Haberle, May 
Hancock, Joseph 
Hart, Heather 

m M 

Heavner, Matt 
Horton, Julian 
Huang, Keith 



Hunt, Amanda 
Jacob, Lisa 
Johnson, Andrea 

Johnson, Erica 
Kasper, Staci 
'*' .M Kendell, Sandra 


Kettle, Christine 
King, Joey 
Kizer, Amy 

Kolber, Mark 
Lock, Ellen 
Lorenz, Patrick 


Lott, Jennifer 
Mackay, Jamieson 
Magnuson, Joshua 

Manning, Erin 
Martin, Theresa 
Mathre, Erica 


Maurer, Christopher 
Maurer, Stefanie 
Mayerhoff, Rodney 

McCorpin, Nancy 
McDaniel, Amy 
McNinch, Scott 


Mercer, Tyler 
Miller, Andrew 
Moore, David 

Mori, Tazu 
Myers, Jack 
Nemeth, Dora 


Nguyen, Trinh 
Nguyen, Tuan Auh 
Paredes, David 

Patton, Barry 
Peffer, Nicole 
Perz, Alyssa 


Phillips, Laura 
Phillips, Robert 
Piotrowski, William 

Piatt, Christin 
Popko, Laura 
Porter, Jon 


Prasifka, Matthew 
Quist, Michael 
Ramsey, Suzanne 


M '■ i -£; :;f :£?;; ' : 

N9^ •«>**>*' > 

Hll S£«tfP*<* l Wf* <, 

j^ ^^^ 


-V SB,; 




Jk * ■ "'. * 

Redland, Becky 
Revis, Mark 
Roberts, Sherrin 


Runnels, David 
Salerno, Allen 
Sanders, Catherine 

Santana, Annette 
Sharkey, Helen 
Shockley, Carey 


Smith, J. B. 
Snell, Lewis 
Sorajja, Paul 

Steinhoff, Maria 
Styrsky, John 


Swift, Luke 
Talus, Carolyn 
Timm, Amanda 

• • • 

Timm, Eric 
Trevino, Lolita 
Trevino, Timothy 


VanBeek, Philip 
Weaver, Mindi 
Weinburgh, Robin 

Wheelis, Matt 
White, Shauna 


Wolff, Xenia 
Woods, Scott 
Young, Renee 

Excuse me - have we met before? (Nice try Ricky.) 

Our very own Juan Reeves braves the N. Y. subway. 


Gee! I've never been asked quite that way These three have got to be having a great time! Just like they always do in the Commons. 



D.D. Thomas gets a lot of work done. ..right! Laura Hutto enjoys the scenery. 

*\%. 92 

This is a picture of their moms right!?!?!? Brooke Baker and Sherrin Roberts must have voted for Bush and Qualye. Yea right! 





President Roy B. Shilling 

Pres.'s Secretaries - R. McMillan & F. Schroeder 

Provost & Dean of Faculty Michael R. Rosenthal 

Office of Fiscal Affairs 

Office of Human Resources 



Two of our fine police force. 

Office of University Relations 



Counseling Services 

D. Timmerman - Residence Life 

Office of Financial Aid 

Staff of the Pirate's Cove 

Career Services 



Office of Admissions 

Golden Oldies of Housekeeping 

Housekeeping Staff 

Phil Maulding - Marriott Services 

Post Office Clerks 

Nurse - Sherry Guyton 



Dean of Student - S. Babcock & Exec Sec. - C. Pickard 

Jaime J. Woody - Dir. of Stu. Act. & Summer Conf. 

Dept. of Athletics 

S. U. Bookstore Staff 








Library Staff 


J-si\^ LJLJLj JLJ 




Ms. Katherine T. Adams 

Ms. Maria Bohm 
M & C Languages 

Dr. Deborah Ellis 

Dr. David J. Gaines 

/S \ * 

Dr. Halford W. Haskell 
M & C Languages 

Dr. T. Walter Herbert 

Dr. Helene Myers 

Dr. Glenda W. Carl 
M & C Languages 

Dr. Suzanne Chamier 
M & C Languages 

Mr. Philip Doney 
M & C Languages 

Ms. M. Salas 
M & C Languages 

Dr. Joseph Molitorisz 
M & C Languages 



Dr. Elaine Phillips 
M & C Languages 

Dr. Sonia Riquelme 
M & C Languages 

Dr. Juan Torres-Pou 
M & C Languages 

Dr. Hulya Unla 
M & C Language 

Dr. Martha M. Allen 

Dr. Weldon S. Crowley Dr. Steven C. Davidson 
History History 

Dr. Jan C. Dawson 

Dr. W. Travis Hanes 

Dr. Farley W. Snell 
Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. Thomas Blackburn 
Religion & Philosophy 

Dr. John N. R. Score 
Religion & Philosophy 



SS' K : 4 I Hi 

Ml >l M fiat". 

Dr. Norman Spellman 
Religion & Philosophy 


Dr. Jesse E. Purdy 

Dr. W. Douglas Hooker 

Dr. J. Muir-Broaddus 

Dr. Robert C. Reinehr 

Dr. Leonard F. Giesecke 
Economics & Business 

Mr. George Brightwell 
Eco. & Bus. 

Dr. John E. Delaney 
Eco. & Bus. 

Mr. Roy D. Pursley 
Eco. & Bus. 

Dr. Kenneth D. Roberts 
Eco. & Bus. 

Dr. Fred E Sellers 
Eco. & Bus. 

Dr. Mary E Young 
Eco. & Bus. 



Dr. W. Nick Sikes 

L - 

Kathleen S. Fad 

Mr. James L. Mallon 

L * )#Li 

Dr. Glada Munt 

Dr. Florence Gould 
Political Science 

Dr. Timothy O'Neill 
Political Science 

Dr. Dan C. Hilliard 


Dr. John Cotter 

■ k» 

Dr. Edward L. Kain 

4, L. 

Ms. Maria Lowe 

Dr. Kennedy Neville 

I ' ■ ■ - ' 

Dr. Robert Morgan 



Dr. Stephanie L. Brown 



Dr. Garcia 

Dr. Horace S. Jacob 

Dr. Robert L. Soulen 


ft n 

Mr. Andrew Berning 

Dr. Fred R. Hilgeman 

Dr. Edwin M. Lansford 

Dr. Richard Denman 
Math/Comp. Science 

Mr. Harold D. Eidson 
Computer Science 

Dr. David Naumann Dr. Walter M. Potter Dr. Kendall Richards 

Math/Comp. Science Math/Comp. Science Math/Comp. Science 



Dr. Therese Shelton 
Math/Comp. Science 

Dr. Robert C. Roeder 

Dr. Shyamal Mitra 



Dr. William P. O'Brien 


1 u 

Dr. Thomas Howe 

Ms. Victoria Star Varner 

Dr. Kenneth Sheppard 

Ms. Felecia Johnson 

Dr. Carole A. Lee 

Dr. Ellsworth Peterson 

Mr. Raymond Schroeder 

Dr. Hsueh-Yung Shen 



Richard J. Hossalla 
Theatre & Comm. 

Ms. Kathleen Juhl 
Theatre & Comm. 

Dr. Glen McClish 
Theatre & Comm. 

Mr. Stephen L. Yardley 
Theatre & Comm. 

Dr. John Leffler 

Mr. George Oldziey 

Professors not available for photo: 

Mr. Miguel Benavides - Kinesiology, Dr. Virginia Carwell - English, Dr. John Chapman - Math & Comp. Sci., Ms. Jeanette Chen - 
M & C Languages, Dr. Christopher Colvin - Rel. & Philo., Dr. Richard Denman - Math & Comp. Sci., Ms. Melissa Dietz - Eco. & 
Bus., Dr. Michael M. Fabritius - Eco. & Bus., Ms. Maria Gonzales-Salas - M & C Languages, Ms. Suzanne Harper - Sociology, 
Dr. Arthur Harriman - Psychology, Ms. Rosemary Hauser - Education, Ms. Kitty Henderson - Rel. & Philo., Dr. Robert A. Horick - 
Academic Computing, Dr. James W. Hunt - Education, Dr. Sharon K Johnson - Education, Dr. William B. Jones - History, Dr. 
Thomas Karnes - History, Mr. James Kilfoyle - English, Dr. Carla Lowry - Kinesiology, Ms. Castle McLaughlin - Sociology, Ms. 
Linda Meigs - Kinesiology, Dr. Joseph Molitorisz - M & C Languages, Dr. Joseph Pluta - Eco. & Bus., MS. Deborah Porter - 
Education, Dr. Walter Potter - Math. & Comp. Sci., Dr. Gulnar Rawji - Chemistry, Dr. Kendall Richards - Math & Comp. Sci., Dr. 
Gary Richter - Math & Comp. Sci., Ms. Cynthia Schneider - Math & Comp. Sci., Ms. Ronda Seagraves - Kinesiology, Dr. Eric 
Selbin - Political Science, Dr. Jimmy Smith - Kinesiology, Dr. Robert Snyder - Political Science, Ms. Deborah Sommer - Rel. & 
Philo., Dr. Jerome L. Valentine - Eco. & Bus., Dr. Vicente Villa - Biology, Mr. Lloyd k. Winston, Ms. Marlene Bateman - Music, 
Dr. Nada Doany - Theatre & Comm., Mr. Gerald Dolter - Music, Ms. Jamelle Flowers Theatre & Comm., Mr. Jim Fritzler - 
Theatre & Comm., Mr. Keith Hutchinson - theatre & Comm., Mr. Roy Lewis - Music, Mr. David Olson - Theatre & comm., Mr. 
John Ore - Theatre (Tech. Director), Mr. Jumpon Punja - Music, Ms. Pam Rossman - Music, Ms. Suzanne Schlz-Widmar - Music, 
Mr. Barrett Sills - Music, Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa - Music, Ms. Judyth Thompson - Theatre & Comm., Mr. David Utterback - 
Music, Mr. Patrick Veerkamp - Art, and Ms. Mary Visser - Art 






Aguilar, Rita 

Ammerman, Matthew Armstrong, Daniel 

Ayers, Laura Ann 

Bailey, Karen 


Balderrama, Julie Ballard, Jason 

Albin, Elizabeth 

Avalos, Maria 

Bailey, Michael 

Albin, Eugene 

: ^p W- 

iw» |^K 





i^fc ,J 'StJ 


■^' ^ 

/ ' 


Aworinde, Folasade 

Bailey, Nicole 

Barbero, Luis 

Barrows, Mike 


Bash, Benjamin Baumgartner, Anne These women are having a great time! 

Beebe, Mark 

Bell, Kimberly Benavides, Dinora 

Bennett, Whitney 



Benziger, Adrian Biggers, Christin Bishop, Heather Bivens, Stephen 

Blackmon, Beverly Blunt, Robert 

Wally and David are super chemists! 


Boatner, Betsy 

•■: 1 

Box, Jessica 

Brinkley, Jamie 

i ■* 

Brisch, Allen 



Britton, Molly 

Brogan, Heather Broussard, Cara Browning, William 

Burns, Lesley 

• J t 
Butts, Jennifer 



Cadle, Christopher Carmona, Monica 

Carr, Tamika 

Castle, Cathleen Castanon, Marissa Chaney, Jennifer 


Christian, Derek 

Clark, Jennifer 

Clements, Michele Clyburn, Alyson 

Cone, Matthew 

Cooper, Kevin 


Core, Candy 

"\ •» - 

Corona, John 



Corovessis, Catherine Costlow, Lynn 

Cox, David 

Crawford, Susan 

Crews, James 

Crooks, Brain 

Crumbling, Sharon 

Cruz, George 


Cuthbertson, J. Ryan Davis, Meredith 

&** "^ 


%c - i 


V- 1 




Davis, Rachel 

Debenport, Libby 



Dempsey, Patrick 


Dennard, Amy 

Dent, David 


Dillard, Casey 

Dodd-Ellis, Daniel 

Drawe, Pamela 

Duncan, Ashley 

Eckhardt, Dianne 

Ellis, Connie 

Ellis, Keith 

Endsley, John 



English, Anna Lisa 

Epley, Krisitn 

Faber, Paul 

Favia-del-Core, Maria 

Fernandez, J.J. 

Fernandez, Lynn 

Fikes, Anne 

Fitzsimmons, Sandra 




Flores, Priscilla Fondersmith, Jennifer 

Leanne and Anne are dressed to kill! 

Foreman, Brenda 

Franta, Kevin 

Frausto, Jesus 

Galvez, Lillian 


Gandhi, Nimish 

Garcia, Enrique 

Gegner, Nicole 

Gensler, Stacie 



Gonzales, Stephanie The cowboys will be dancing all night. 



Graham, Lea 

Griffith, Jennifer 

Grubbs, Michelle 

Guice, Larissa 

Hailey, Amber 

Haisler, Kristi 

Hall, Amy 


Hamrick, Anne 

Hanke, Maria 


Hardt, Alice 

Hartley, Laurel 

Haub, Alaina 

Henry, Melinda 

Hill, Elizabeth 

Hillgardner, Holly 

Hillin, Melissa 

Hirsch, Wendi 

Holguin, Carmina Holland, Stephanie Home, Anderson 




Huang, Xi (Alan) 

Hudson, Nicole 

Hughes, Heather 

Hull, Heather 


Imle, Jennifer 

Isom, Ginger 

Jeffrey, Jackie Johnson, Carrie 



Johnson, David 

Jones, Jeffrey Jordan, Tammy 

Joyce, Lisa 

Kandeler, Shelia 

Kaplan, Sybil 

Karin, Misty 

Kent, Dale 

Kleen, Brenda 

On your mark! Get set! Go! 

Klema, Kristin 


Knapp, Anne Marie 

Knipp, Erin 

Kobos, Adam 

Kolip, Heather 


Koutras, Charles 

Kwan, Marcus 

Lemons, Carrie 

Liedecke, Daryl 



Lim, Su-Min 

Linsenbardt, Kim Littlefield, David 

Lopez, Catherine 

Lopez, Rolando 

Loudermilk, Sara 

Low, Tracie 


I wonder what everyone is so happy about? Lozano, Michelle Machann, Robert 



Mack, Bryan 

Mack, Robert 

Magill, Staci 

Malone, Mystele 

Mangels, April 

Martin, David 

Martin, Jennifer Massey, Kimberly 

Maxwell, Jennifer Maxwell, Molly 

McBryde, Amy 

McCarron, Daniel 


McCutchen, Sara 

McGrath, Marcy 

Miller, Jason 



fc^ «s 

McElroy, Laura 

Melancon, Melissa 

Miller, Kathryn 

Mesen, Michelle 

Miller, Michelle 

McGhee, Jason McGrath, Jennifer 

Milkavich, Lisa 

Miller, Thomas 

Mizell, Michelle 

Moody, Sally 

Moore, Andrew Moore, Bonnie 




Morris, Michael 

Mosher, Laurance Murphy, Meaghen 

Myers, David 




Nguyen, Haitrieu 

Niles, Kelly 


Nye, Jeff 

Nieto, Christopher 

Oakes, Cathryn 

Nieto, Marc 

Oberman, Harriet 

Ortiz, Yvonne Patrick, Kevin Pearson, Kerri Pevateaux, Chad 


Pieper, Chris 

Pierce, Julianne 

Pilcher, Walter 

Pilliod, Cason 

Pipkin, Shawn 

Prothro, Laura 

Pittes, Nehemiah 

Pollard, Blaire 


Potter, Alison 




Rappe, Jodie 

Rathbun, Sarah 

Renker, Cheryl 

Rhoden, Lea 

Richmond, Margaret Riley, Hayden 

Roberts, Jeremy 


Roberts, Putnam 

Rojo, Christina 

Romero, Raquel 

Rose, Matthew 



Rothstein, Michael 


Ruppel, Erika Russell, Julie Rydell, Jennifer 

Saldana, Marcos Saldana, Stephanie Schellenberg, Cynthia Schmitz, Jennifer 

Schuurman, Angus Seale, John Henry Sellman, Kami 

Sewell, Laura 


Schafer, Eric 

Shearer, Margaret Sheffield, Amanda Skelley, Erin 

Skinner, Rebecca Smith, Dannette Smith, Deborah 

Smith, Thomas 


Sookram, Carolyn Stahr, Edward 

Stellman, Pete 

Stephens, Christy 

Stevens, Stephanie Stewart, Kimberly Stippick, Brandi 

Strain, Kristina 


Stuart, Skye 

Syverson, Catherine 

Tattini, Angie 

Temple, Robert 



Tharp, Amy 

Thompson, Leslie 

Tiemann, Holly 

Tobola, Erin 

Tran, Thien 

Trotti, Traci 

Tyler, Tanya 

Velazquez, Gretchen 

Velez, Leslie 

Villa-Abrille, Francis 


Walker, Andrew 

Walker, Gray 

Wallace, Catherine Walters, Jennifer 

Watkins, Heather 

Welborn, Teresa 

Watkins, Tracie 

Welch, Erin 

Webb, Jennifer 

1*9- '»" 



Weeks, Michelle 



Williams, Meghan Wommack, Monica 

Woodward, Brian 

Wyche, Jennifer 

Young, Nolan 




■;.,.'.. ^ 

; ,' > : 

, • 


l *4t»*« 

' E * J" "'*'. I ''"': r "Wf 

,^ /: : L : 

■ 1%M -mm,, ;:;£:■ i '„■ si ■ .'-.,£ ' %;, m ' ' .1 

*".-.»' - i 

ff:'- :::: P :; #' : *:: 



f. v >■• •••*» ,. <r 4> * 

: ,f ll'orir m-f m ■ F 




The Megaphone was 

established in 1907 as the 

official campus newspaper of 

Souwestern University and 

has since been a tool to 

promote freedom and 

intellect. This year's staff 

includes Steve Mendenhall, 

editor; Leah Quin, ass't 

editor; Matt Moore, business 

manager; Kristin Epley, 

Marrit Howard, and Leah 

Quin, copy editors; Jenna 

Heller and Steve Mendenhall, 

design editors; Noelle Burch, 

Brad Coffey, Anna Lisa 
English, Enrique Garcia, Erin 
Knapp, Staci Magill, Julianne 

Otto, Chris Pieper, Littoo 

Rajaraman, Rachel Romero, 

Matt Rose. Catherine 

Wallace, and Monica 

Wommack, reporters; 

Melanie Bryce, Anna Lisa 

English, and Amanda Moore, 


Megaphone staff 

Marrit while cutting copy for paste ups. 

Matt and Heather concentrate on new ideas for Megaphone . 

76 Pictures by Megaphone 


Matt concentrates on not cutting his finger 

Gee! That cropper looks familiar. Could it be a Herff Jones cropper? 

The editor himself overlooks the progress of the staff. 



R 3. 



The Sou'wester is the 
Southwestern Univer- 
sity yearbook. 
It is a pictorial record 
of the college year 
including extracur- 
ricular and academic 
pursuits. This year 
the staff consisted of 
one person actually 
working on the book - 
Rosa Maria Escobar, 

editor. Perla 
Bermudez also par- 
ticipated in the pro- 
duction of the year- 
book by developing 
any pictures the editor 

Perla and Angie the people who kept 

Rosa sane - or at least from going 

more insane. Jaime Woody (not 

pictured) was the advisor during the 

Spring semester and also kept Rosa's 

"spirits" up. 

Rosa Maria Escobar, editor 

Kappa Delta Pi is the 
newest honor society 
on campus. It focuses 

on promoting excel- 
lence in and recognize 
outstanding contribu- 
tions to education. It 

hopes to maintain a 
high degree of profes- 
sional fellowship 

among its members, 
quicken professioanl 

growth, and honor 

achievement in 
educational work. 

Members of Kappa Delta Pi 

78 Thanks to KDP for info 



The motto of Alpha 
Phi Omega ex- 
plains its purpose 
quite clearly, "Be a 
leader; be a friend; 
be of services." A 

national service 

organization, APO 

was founded 65 

years ago as an 

extension of the 

Boy Scouts of 

America and has 

over 600 chapters 

at universities all 

over the United 

States. It's manuel 

reads, "If you must 

fail something, fail 


Members of Alpha Phi Omega 

Jon Porter discusses APO's help in the hurricane relief. 
On their way to Louisiana. 

Helping others puts a smile on your face. 

79 Thanks to APO for info 



BL 11 

The members of the 
Pre-Law Associa- 
tion of S. U. strive 

to cultivate an 

appreciation of the 

high ideals of the 

law and promote 

interest in the law 

with all of its social 

ramifications and to 

inform prospective 

students of the law 

and law school 

experience, and to 

provide knowledge 

of requirements for 

admission to law 


College Republicans strive 

to make known and 

promote the principles of 

the republican party 

among the students at 

S. U. They aid in the 

election of republican 

candidates at all levels of 

government nnd develop 

political skills and 
leadership abilities among 
republican students as 
preparation for future 
student service by them to 
the party and the commu- 
nity. Finally, College 
Republicans hope to 
promote voter registration 
and voting among the 
republican student 

Members of Pre-Law Association 

Members of College Republicans 

80 Thanks to PL and CR for info 


l k: 

• • 

Cardinal Key Na- 
tional Honor Society, 

Inc., is an organiza- 
tion for students of at 

least junior status in 

American colleges 

and universities, who 

are leaders in the 

college community, 
and who are deemed 

potential leaders in 

their future lives. 

Cardinal Key honors 

these people, inspires 

leadership in others, 

and utilizes leader- 
ship capabilities in an 

active program of 

service to school and 


Members of Cardinal Key 

* - . - . . 

Stephanie and Jen sure do want that piece of gum! They seem to being taking a break from all of the excitement of Playday. 

81 Thanks to CK for info 



The object of Alpha 

Kappa Psi is to further 

the individual welfare 

of its members; to 

foster scientific 

research in the fields 

of commerce, ac- 
counts and finance; to 
educate the public to 
appreciate and de- 
mand higher ideals 
therein; and to pro- 
mote and advance in 
institutions of college 
rank courses leading 
to degrees in business 

Members of Alpha Kappa Psi 

Fall 1992 pledge class 

A lecture by "Movin' Melvin" courtesy of the pledge class. 

82 Thanks to AKP for info 


Members of Alpha Chi 

Alpha Chi is a 
national under- 
graduate society. 

Members are 

elected from 
among the top 10 

percent of the 

junior and senior 


The purpose of 
Women in Communi- 
cations, Inc. is to 
promote the advance- 
ment of women in all 
fields of communica- 
tions; to work for the 
First Amendment 

rights and 
responsibilites of 
communicators; to 
recognize distin- 
guished professional 
achievements; and to 
promote high profes- 
sional standards 
throughout the com- 
munications industry. 

Members of Women in Communication, Inc. 

83 Thanks to AC & WICI for info 


& to 


The purpose of Student 
Judiciary is to interpret 

and administer the 
Honor System. When a 
student enters S. U., 
they agree to support 
the academic honor 
system. The students 
establish the honor 
system and assume 
responsiblity for 
honorable conduct in all 
academic work includ- 
ing tests and examina- 
tions. Students are on 
their honor to do their 
own work and to report 
other students who 
violate this commit- 

Members of Student Judiciary 

In an effort to involve 
all S. U. students 
interested in the 
advancement and 
support of S. U., the 
University established 
the Student Founda- 
tion whose general 
purpose is to enlist 
and motivate S. U. 
students to promote 
the welfare of the 

Members of Student Foundation 

84 Thanks to SF and 92-93 Catalog for info 




West Side Residence Life Staff 

Residence halls are 
a vital part of the 
total Southwestern 
campus community 
and are intended to 
complement the 
educational pur- 
poses of the Univer- 
sity by providing an 
atmosphere condu- 
cive to meeting 
academic, social, 
and personal needs 

of students. 
The Residence Life 
staff is responsible 
for the physical and 
educational program 
of the halls, which 
includes program 
development to 
enhance the growth 
of students, advising 
students, counseling 
and referral, super- 
vision of the student 
staff and administra- 
tive tasks. 

East Side Residence Life Staff 

85 Thanks to 92- 93 Catalog for info 




p & 


The Student Association 

consists of all students 

currently enrolled at 

Southwestern University 

and provides a forum for 

concerns and opinions. It 

is one of the tools S. U. 

uses in hopes of aiding 

students in the process of 

finding a sense of lifelong 

personal and social 
direction, in developing 
the ability to communi- 
cate effectively, in 
learning to think clearly, 
and to make discriminat- 
ing judgements. 

Operation Achievement is 

a tutor-mentorship 

program in which S. U. 

students provide aid to 

Georgetown junior high 

students with homework 

and offer after school 

activities. It is a chance 

for junior high students to 

have a peer other than 

siblings, teachers, and 

parents to turn to as 

needed. One example of 

activities implemented by 

O. A. is the portfolio in 

which students are 

encouraged to write down 

thoughts on their favorite 

books which in turn 

provides a tool to increase 

writing abilities, creativity, 

and study habits. 

Steering Committee for SSA 

Members of Operation Achievement 

86 Thanks to 92-93 Catalog and Stephanie Saldana for info 





The purpose of the 
International Club is to 
create a base for the unity 
of present international 
students, to increase the 
awareness of the commu- 
nity with respect to the 
international students, and 
to be a liaison between 
incoming new interna- 
tional students and the 
community. It helps the 
international students to 

assimilate into the 
university community and 
the community as a whole, 

and to increase the 
community's awareness of 
the international commu- 

Members of the International Club 

Tomorrows educa- 
tors of children 
hope to develop a 

foundation of 
professionalism as 

well as compe- 
tence and personal 
growth which will 
carry through their 
teaching career. 

Members of TEACH 

87 Thanks to IC & TEACH for info 

The Methodist 

Movement's pur- 
pose is to provide 
opportunities for 
fellowship, wor- 
ship, and service 
to Methodist and 
students on the 
campus of South- 
western Univer- 

Upward Bound 
promotes an inter- 
Christian student 
fellowship. They 
worship through 
prayer, song, & 
fellowship in open 
meetings at South- 

Members of Methodist Student Movement 

Members of Upward Bound 

88 Thanks to MSM & 92-93 Catalog for info 




Members of Delta Omicron 

The Art Associa- 
tion strives to 
unify the art stu- 
dents and to sup- 
port the art depart- 
ments. To pro- 
mote interest in the 
visual arts, both 
generally and 
scholastically. To 
provide a mecha- 
nism for construc- 
tive fellowship and 
artistic growth of 
art students. 

The purpose of Delta 
Omicron is to create and 
foster fellowship through 

music; to give music 

students an opportunity 

to meet with one another 

and, by personal contact 

and exchange of ideas, to 

broaden the individual 

outlook; to strengthen 

devotion and loyalty to 

Alma Mater; to develop 

character and leadership; 

to promote American 
music and musicians; to 
further work of aspiring 
composers; to encourage 

understanding of the 
cultures of all nations; to 

do any and all things 

conducive to the service, 

betterment and ultimate 

welfare of musicians. 

Member of the Art Association 

89 Thanks to DO & AA for info 


The object of the 

American Science 

Society is to afford an 

opportunity for student 

of a chemical science to 

become better ac- 
quainted , to secure the 
intellectual stimulation 
that arises from profes- 
sional association, to 
obtain experience in 
preparing and present- 
ing technical material 
before chemical audi- 
ences, to foster a 
professional spirit 
among its members, to 
instill a professional 
pride in the chemical 
sciences, and to foster 
an awareness of the 
responsibilities and 
challenges of the 
modern chemist. 

The Southwestern 

Science Society is 

interested in the 

promotion of 
interest and high 
scholarship in all 
branches of pure 
and applied sci- 

Members of the American Chemical Society 

Members of the Southwestern Science Society 

90 Thanks to ACS & SSS for info 






Members of the Mathematical Association of America 

The purpose of the 
chapter is to foster 
interest and schol- 
arship in math- 
ematics, to become 
better acquainted 
with other col- 
leagues in this 
science, to obtain 
experience in 
preparation and 
presentation of 
material, and to 
develop an aware- 
ness of the respon- 
sibilities and chal- 
lenges facing 
mathematicians . 

The purpose of 
this organization is 

to advance the 

science of psy- 
chology; promote 
the cause of men- 
tal health; and to 
encourage, stimu- 
late, and maintain 
scholarship of the 
individual mem- 
bers in all fields, 

particularly in 

Members of Psi Chi 

9 1 Thanks to AMA & PC for info 


Progressive Stu- 
dent Alliance 
promotes the 
education and 
overall awareness 
of social, environ- 
mental, and peace 

issues through 
discussion of the 

issues, their 
causes, and pos- 
sible solutions. 
PSA also encour- 
ages and provides 
opportunities for 
action on these 

The Southwestern 
Organization for 
AIDS Awareness 
has as its purpose 
to provide constant 
educational mate- 
rials and aware- 
ness pertaining to 
the HIV virus and 
AIDS to the 

Members of Progressive Student Alliance 

Members of Aids Awareness 

92 Thanks to PSA & AA for info 

■tern Stodeote for Li 

The Southwestern 

Students for Life 

holds that all life is 

sacred, and have 

come together to 

uphold it worth in the 

eyes of the university 

community. They 

believe that there is 

no such thing as a 

human life not worth 

living, and in a 
society where human 
life is rapidly becom- 
ing less valuable than 
material goods they 
shall defend the most 
defenseless of human 
lices, primarily the 

Members of Southwestern Students for Life 





i ■ 



One of the signs displayed by SSforL during the year. 

SU Students for Life meet with others. 

ft 43 h 

SSforL protest Choice. 

93 Thanks to SSforL for info 

ID) 1U) 

The Sierra Club is 
a non-profit, mem- 
ber supported 
public interest 
organization that 
promotes conser- 
vation of the natu- 
ral environment by 
influencing public 
policy decisions. 
It was founded this 
year at Southwest- 
ern and has dis- 
covered great 

The purpose of this 
organization is to 
provide a non- 
heirarchical, noncom- 
petitive space for 
interested members of 

the Southwestern 

community to gather 

to foster awareness of 

gender issues from a 

woman's perspective 

by providing an 
educational forum for 
fostering gender 
awareness. It is a 
clearhouse of infor- 
mation on issues of 
relative interest and 
concern to the focus 
of the organization. 

Members of the Sierra Club (Satellite of the Austin Regional Club) 

Members of Equal Voice 

94 Thanks to SC & EV for info 


Members of RFN! 

RFN! promotes the 
education about and the 
awareness and protec- 
tion of issues relating to 
reproductive freedom. 
In addition to working 
to keep abortion safe, 
legal and accessible, 
RFN! shall oppose all 
restrictive abortion 
legislation and will 
support free access to 

contraception and 

family planning. RFN! 

provides the campus 

community with 
information on these 
issues by sponsoring 
speakers, films, discus- 
sion, and the opportu- 
nity for action in 
support of reproductive 

The Gender Aware- 
ness Center was 
created to foster a 
easier transition from 
the traditional values 
to a more equal 
socialization of 
processes. It facili- 
tates a better under- 
standing between 
genders while focus- 
ing on issues such as 
the changing dynam- 
ics of society. It does 
not focus soley on 
women or men it 
focuses on the equal- 
ity of women and 

Members of the Gender Awareness Center 

95 Thanks to RFN! & GAC for info 

This organization 
exists primarily for 
those students inter- 
ested in promoting 
greater unity among 
Blacks and the South- 
western University 
community. It was 

organized in the 

hopes of heightening 

a sense of identity, a 

greater awareness, 

and an appreciation of 

Black culture. It 
seeks to foster coop- 
eration and communi- 
cation with adminis- 
trators and fellow 

Ebony (with HAS) participate in the Homecoming parade. 

Cards and music anyone? 

96 Thanks to EBONY for info 



Posing before their great Sing act. 










Some beautiful (and smart) women on campus are fixing to go break some hearts. 

97 Words altered from En Vogue-"Free Your Mind" 





The purpose of the 
organization is to 
serve as a medium for 
Latin American 
experiences and 
services in and among 
the organization and 
to share those experi- 
ences with the Uni- 
versity as a whole. It 
hopes to serve as a 

liaison with the 
Admissions Office 
and prospective 
students. It also 
serves in a capacity of 
liaison with other 
campus and off- 
campus organizations 
and with University 

Members of Hispanic Awareness Society 

Do they always do things like that? 

Bunch of "minorities " groovin' to the music. 

98 Thanks to HAS for info 


i T0> 


Always ready to have their picture taken! 

Manuel - what's the big smile for? 



P A 


The Union Program 
Council is an organi- 
zation that plans 
special events for the 
campus community. 
In the past they have 
sponsored a variety of 
musicians, comedi- 
ans, speakers, and 
various novelty acts. 
They also monitor the 
affairs of the union 
plus it is responsible 
for the programming 
of activities in the 

Members of the Union Program Council 

- os* 










- — 

— > 













r r 





















,Ur'iio'n Prdqrjam Goi-ncil 

Southwestern University at Georgetown! Texas 






The Norm of Greatness 

The masterful portrayal of the great orator, 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., brought to stage 

in a one-man dramatization 


Darrvl Van Leer. 

"Van Leer's 'Nona afOre*taaa'h » •.himnier- 

ing doeameai nf hope, fflfed with anbeEetabk 

ipaJism." Brmiie Hcach. 

Prognun (*x>rtliantor t.C.B- 

Xfketern Kentucky Uahtmtty 

100 Thanks to UPC for info 


Members of Pi Delta Phi 

Pi Delta Phi is the 
national French honor 
society and is open to 
all persons who meet 

the requirements. 

Members of OASIS 

OASIS, which stands 
for Organization for 
the Advancement of 
Students in Sociol- 
ogy, is a departmental 
organization open to 
all sociology majors/ 
minors and anyone 
else interested in the 
advancement of 
sociology. The 
oganization brings in 
graduate school and 
business information 

for the use of its 
graduating seniors. 
Their goal this year 
was to gain recogni- 
tion for the sociology 
honorary organiza- 

101 Thanks to 92-93 Catalog for info 


West side Freshman Hall Council 


Baptist Student Union 

Cafe Club 

Catholic Student Movement 

Georgetown Young Life 

Great Films Guild 

Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Association 


Spanish Acting Club 

Young Democrats 

Pi Sigma Alpha 
Sigma Delta Pi 


Alpha Psi Omega 

Association for Computing Machinery 

Classics Club 

English Society 

Institution of Magangerial Accounting 

Philosophy Club 

Political Science Society 

The Company 


Literary Magazine 

Ed. Note: I apologize for not having pictures for these groups. I either never received a response from the groups or we were never able to 
coordinate a time to take the picture. Allocation of pages not based on staff oppinion. 




First Row (L to R): Kate Elliassen, Diana McQuillin, Kristin Sumpter, Laura Phillips, Christina Corovessis, 
Staci Kasper, Aimee Estep, and Erin Manning. Second Row(L to R): Andrea Johnson, Christine Kettle, 
Becky Redland, Jessica Cuevas, Lisa Plowman, Lolita Trevino, Trinh Nguyen, Maria Avalos, Kim Massey, 
and Cristin Zakielarz. Third Row (L to R): Shannon Irish, Katrina Lindh, Holly Tiemann, Carrie Lemons, 
Catherine Corovessis, Bridgette Browning, Catherine Lopez, Shandra Lemens, Annie Drusch, and Amy 
Tharp. Fourth Row (L to R): Jenny Schmitz, Lee Ann Wheelis, Claire Smith, Leslie Thompson, Cara 
Broussard, Devon Loeffler, Kathy Tyrrasch, Michelle Weeks, Meredith Davis, Kathy Miller, and Rebecca 
Phillips. Not available for picture: Sandra Cook, Sheana Dempsey, Tracy Ferguson, Stacie Gensler, 
Brenda Gray, Laura House, Robin Neas, Heidi Schneider, Alex Smith, and Leslie Williams. 

Alpha Delta Pi, the first national secret 
sorority, has 128 collegiate chapters located 
across the U.S. and Canada. Zeta Chapter 
strives to make an important contribution to 
the University and Georgetown communi- 
ties. Each semester, ADPi sponsors a 
fundraiser to help support the Ronald 
McDonald House, our National Philan- 
thropy. We support one another in our daily 
activities, by striving for balance in social, 
philanthropic, and academic endeavors. Our 
open motto, "We live for each other," truly 
expresses the friendship and support found 
within our sisterhood. 



] * V 

Models? Superstars? Close - they're ADPi's!!!! 

Oh my! What happened to these girls! 

Katrina & Aimee share true sisterhood. Hey Laura, Lol, and Maria-smile! Just hangin' out at the Mood-Bridwell Atrium. 



First Row (L to R): Lee Silverberg, Melanie Watkins, Wendi Hirsch, Heather Watkins, Michele 
Bryant, Carrie George, and Sabrina Wingfield. Second Row (L to R): Cindy Offut, Liane 
McDonald, Michelle Wilson, Cathy Syverson, Christy Stephens, Nancy McCorpin, and Renee 
Young. Third Row (L to R): Dannette Smith, Beth Bosart, Brandi Mattson, Sonya Irani, Julie 
Horton, and Sara Alvis. Fourth Row (L to R): Beth Taylor, Heather Pfaff, Catherine Clifton, 
Amanda George, Katie Oakes, Lisa Boyd, Jennifer Miller, and Brandi Stippick. 

Founded in 1893 at Lombard College, 
Alpha Xi Delta is the newest sorority on 
campus. We are proud to have initiated 
the Theta Lambda Chapter. As this was 

our first year at Southwestern, each 
member learned much about sisterhood, 
dedication, and achievement. We spon- 
sored a Swing-a-Thon to raise money for 

the Williamson County Crisis Center. 

Alpha Xi's are involved in a wide range of 

campus activities. Our sisterhood respects 

the individuality of each sister and the 

diversity of the group. 



Look out men! Women with the legs comin' through 

Our very own AXD's on their Initiation Day. 



First Row (L to R): Catherine Stokes, Carey Shockley, Stephanie Swafford, Juli Stevens, Janie Arwine, Netta O'Neal, 
Marisa Zapata, Tammy Jordan, Melissa Worrich, and Alyssa Perz. Second Row (L to R): Juliana Fleming, Amy 
Uselton, Debbie Smith, Cadie Fisher, Martha Blackwell, Susanna Westbrook, Katie Hamilton, Alayne Kulvicki, 
Claudia Thompson, and Elise Eustace. Third Row (L to R): Rosa Escobar, Jennifer Yoeman, Christine Catanzaro, 
Charlotte Massey, Lynnette Eleuterius, Lynn Costlow, Jennifer Greifenkamp, Emily Werlein, Erika Ruppel, Mamie 
Foster, and Julie Greig. Fourth Row (L to R): Nicole Peffer, Angie Watson, Amanda George, Jill Seeber, Jennifer 
Allen, Randi Sutton, Stacy Miles, Anne Nagelkirk, and Melanie Bryce. Not available for picture: Brooke Baker, Jill 
Brannon, Melissa Cathcart, Erin Coad, Cindy Creekmore, Allison Fontenot, Meredith Gaffney, Regan Hardin, 
Stephanie Maurer, Amy Morris, Diane Morris, and Sherrin Roberts. 


Founded in 1888 at Boston Univer- 
sity, Delta Delta Delta enjoys a long 
tradition of national excellence. The 
Theta Epsilon Chapter prides itself on 
academic achievement and involve- 
ment in a wide range of honor 
fraternities and university organiza- 
tions. Our sisterhood offers a close 
circle of friends who encourage each 
other in all challenges. Tri Delta at 
Southwestern share an appreciation 
for individuality and a loyalty that 
lasts for years beyond college lives. 



< ~4 



SSJ?r ;-J 

Everyone loves Delta Desserts 

Lynnette and Stacy enjoy a morning of streamers. 

That glorious Tri Delta float took everyone's breath away. Our Tri Deltas eagerly await their new pledges. 

Hmmmmmm! Do you suppose it's a subliminal delta? Sorr| e of the greatest women on campus out on the town. 



Front Row (L to R): Jennifer Lott, Julianne Otto, Sarah Yarbrough, Verlinda Thompson, Laura Ann Ayers, Jennifer Fangue, 
Ashley Stiegler, and Heather Hull. Second Row (L to R): Lorella Flores, Alison Potter, Leilani Lyerly, Robin Dutton, Lisa Jacob, 
Marcia Pannabecker, and Suzanne Ramsey. Third Row (L to R): Christie Ellinger, Mia Fairchild, Amy McDaniel, Amanda 
Sheffield, Cheri Woodhull, Dee Ann Fike, Grace Espino, and Heather Hart. Fourth Row (L to R): Christy Rojo, Josie Ramirez, 
Anne Fikes, Jodie Rappe, Lisa Freeman, Blaire Pollard, Lara Price, and Crystal Church. Fifth Row (L to R): Leslie Wright, Gina 
Nevils, Julie Hoyt, Lily Diaz, Michelle Jones (General Advisor), and Sandy Brown. Not available for picture: Margaret Baudat, 
Heather Bishop, Aimee Bye, Kellie Evilsizer, Alison Goolsby, Lisa Kay, Jennie McGrath, Mary Monell, Dora Nemeth, Elizabeth 
Oltremari, Samantha Reinhart, Ellen Stewart, and Laura Lee Utz. 


The mission of Zeta Tau Alpha is to 
make a difference in the lives of our 

membership by developing the 
potential of each individual through 

visionary programming which 
emphasizes leadership development, 
service to others, academic success, 
and continued personal growth for 
women with a commitment to friend- 
ship and the future based on the 
values and traditions of out past. 


They bear a striking resemblence to some of our ZTA's! 

These women are sure to break the hearts of many. 

ZTA couple baseball anyone? 

. * 

** \" 



I V ^UCKfiPN • ...... 

Those ZTA's always shopping! 

These women look very happy. What they have been up to? 

ZTA intramurals were a force 
to be reckoned with this year. 




2Cappa Alplja (§rber 



^uutljwrstprn HnturrHitg 





mi m 

fe T,.|LES 


Shh! The KA's are sleeping.. what more can be said? 



I think one person is slightly underdressed for this event. These KA men are all smiles for some weird reason. 

Last I heard these men were KA's...I wonder if it's a freak of nature. These men have forgotten how to lather up! 



First Row (L to R): Jonathon Zercher, Jason Moore, Jason Conkright, Will Bailey, Mitch King, Matt Nartz, 
Marshal Crenshaw, and Barry Patton. Second Row (L to R): Scott McNinch, John Styrsky, Alan 
Hwawthorn, Joe James, Leroy Gatlin, Donnie Todd, Jeff Succop, Chris Chaput, Thad Davis, Joseph 
Strickland, Beaty Wilson, and Dale Dent. Third Row (L to R): Keith Doeren, Greg Schepens, Brad 
Francis, Bret Starr, Jeff Jones, Lee Boyle, Mike Ooi, and Joel Stone. Not available for picture: Iverson 

Those wild and wacky Sigma's always a lot of fun and laid back. 



They must want to be Tri-Delta too! 

What the hell is that? 

I don't think... 

...I even want. guess. 

No, no, no your outfit is defintely more flattering. 

Get outta my face ! 



First Row (L to R): Henri DeYburrondo, Hans Gartner, Mike Reeves, Jim DiSorbo, Keith Ellis, Eric Simch, and Ryan Brittan. Second Row (L to R): JeffGentil, 
Pat Lorenz, Andy Miller, Malcolm Cogan, Anthony Apollo, Jason Fullmer, Mark Carrillo, Matt Blair, Wade Martinez, Jamie Smith, Mike Stippoli, John Cogan, 
Chris Gardner, and Mark Mclnroy. Third Row (L to R): Mike deGuzman, Max Weber, Scott Woods, Dave Henley, Chip Evans, Kenny Oballo, Troy White, Don 
Wier, Ben Giese, Thomas Mayo, Mike Hansen, Matt Ammerman, Phil Pritchett, Kevin Considine, Mark Hamilton, and Mike Miller. Fourth Row (L to R): 
Monroe Giese, John Doenges, Greg Rosner, Lee Beselman. Jack Meyers, Dave Dent, Mark Avery, (deactivated), Alan Hamilton, Greg Vance, Sean Allen, and Phil 
VanBeek. Fifth Row (L to R): Chris Considine, Dan Cobos. David Fisher, Will Gloor. Alan Baronoskie, Ric Wade, Sean Quintana, Todd Stephens, Dave 
Delnero, and Lamar Smith. 

Kicking back after a hard days work.. .or is it a day of hardly working? 



These men could be posing for a beer commercial slick. 

Are these guys for real? 

Lookin' good! Are they really the Phi's we all know? Gosh these guys are almost too happy so early in the morning. 


i 1 lV/\r l i\ ALrrlA 

First Row (L to R): Spencer Thompson, Luke Swift. Lewis Snell, Mike Moran, Joe Widner, Steve Mendenhall, 
Victor Garcia, Tuan Nguyen, Eric Timm, Paul Sorajja, Pete Gosselink, Eileen Pentony (Dreamgirl), Mark Revis, and 
Jeff Kryszewski. Second Row (L to R): Cullen Hay, Andy Winn, John Barnes, David Johnson,Kent Kistler, Steve 
Twilley, Scott Curtis, Gabe Farris, Clay Andrew, Brian Goolsby, Dennis Moore, Mike Morris, Alex Tackman, Eric 
Shafer, Rob Phillips, Jeff Hamm, Phil Garrow, David Gritzmacher, Jamie Pasley, Jeremy Field, Rodney Mayerhoff, 
and Jeff Durbin. Third Row(L to R): Luis Barbero, Chris Fike, John Church, Mark Moran, Kevin Waggoner, George 
Cruz, Shawn Laney, Grady Sikes, Chris Foster, John Corona, David Myers, Marcus Kwan, Ben Bash, Fred Seip, David 
Martin, and John Pinion. Flagpole: Peter Hassinger and Ben Elliott. Roof: Jose Araujo, Jeff Gossett, and Josh 

142-01 Pi Kappa 

: ;: : -- 

Burly men in Mexico... what more could you ask for besides Tequila? 



The men of PKA create miracles for many with United Cerebral Palsy. 

Are these PKA's and friend going to jump? 

Big crowd for the popular Song Writers Circle at the Pike House. 

At the Pike Place and having a great time. 

JyjL M 

I guessthe Pike's are perfecting the game to take it on the road to competetion. It's a terrible job. ..but someone has to do it. 


1992-1993 Panhellenic Council 

1992-1993 Interfraternal Council 

1992-1993 Alpha Delta Pi Pledge Class 

Delta Delta Delta Pledge Class of 92 T 93 

Zeta Tua Alpha Pledge Class of 92-93 

Above: 1992-1993 Kappa Sigma Pledge Class 

Right: 1992-1993 Phi Delta Theta Pledge Class 

Pictures not available for PKA & AXD Pledge Classes. 

1992-1993 Kappa Alpha Pledge Class 



|. : ^:*» 7 ' : yj./ y.;y - 

■ if 

-,- ^ • •' 

: ::W-'.i^ W J<W ^ :^F:m:: - : : i % : f :::::sS :::: .Jfa : 1< +W a 

i* '....-■ '- w : ^ sy * r • ^ y y r '''*' -'■- ■ 


■ :: - . : : : :: : ; y;-p: y. y:sy : i: S :; . ■".'"■ W y .■.?'■■ ■" 'Js?. :; "/ ,,■.■" yp' '^ iff':,!-' ' ■. ;«;*'■'' ■■:.'■ ■"■.■;:;: 

/■■?- : f fiF ""'•■&¥":■..:,■'" FF-FfP~?:' 

£J f /z /^ fir c /7n trdfttUTdf^ 


'kM-f^K&^ffi M 

First Row (L to R): David Orso, David Delnero, Andy Curtis, J.J. Uribe, David Slys, Steve 
Twilley, Jason Ballard, Jonathon Bransom (manager), and DavidHouston. Second Row (L to 
R): Coach Winston, Jason Foster, Nenneth Dawes, Henry DeYbarrondo, Brian Woodard, 
Chris Newman, Daryl Allen, Lance Evans, Adam Kobos, Marc Nieto, and Chris Nieto. 




First Row (L to R): Kathy Petrecca, Jenni Rydell, Sandra Galindo, Terri Tubbs, Stephanie 
Takas, Molly Maxwell, Lisa Milkavich, Tracy Lowe, Tasha Tell. Second Row (L to R): 

Stacey Bryan, Beth Taylor (manager), Margorie Gibson, L Hardy, Wendy Blaine, Kerri 
Pearson, Kelly Niles, and Coach Seagraves. 





First Row (L to R): Melissa Mallet , Lisa Freeman, Kim Jones, Julie Hoyt, Stacey Bryan, 
Allison Wong. Second Row (Lto R): Coach Munt, L Hardy, Margorie Bibson, Renee 
Mullins, Constance Scott, Melissa Cathcart, Scott Smith, Asst. Coach Petrecca. 












- * 



..^.S^'KW* *' 









First Row: Gwen Garcia and Vafa Ghaemmaghami. Second Row: Gert Rohde , Scott 
Plake, Victor Chen, Tom Miller, Eric Shafer, and Parag Patel. Third Row (L to R): 
Jeremiah Jarrell, Drew Koerner, Cozmo Raines, Ian Carmichael, Tom Oley, Pete Stellman, 
Greg Schepens, Dave Gillen, and Mike Ellis. 


No group picture available 1 29 



3 -» 

First Row (L to R): Rachel Romero, Beth Oltremari, Melissa Worrich, Sommer Reese, and Nicole Hudson. Second 
Row (L to R): Greg Alexander (coach), Theresa Martin, Debbie Fisher, Whitney Bennet, and Paul Doty (ass't coach). 


First Row (L to R): Greg Alexander (coach), Aaron Setliff, Chris Maurer, Scott Hamner, and Chris Howard. Second 
Row (L to R): Lance Evans, Pete Stellman, Patrick Sinclair, Lamar Smith, Wade Martinez, Ian Carmichael, and Paul 
Doty (ass't coach). 



1 l J II i | } || | IS || { i 

1 1 '^ N l 

First Row (L to R): Steve Kenny ( coach), Chris Chaput, Paul Matta, Lewis Jenkins, Robbie Dodd, Paul Hong, and 
Jeff Succop. Second Row (L to R): Molly Moran, Juliana Fleming, Laura Guarascio, Laura Popko, Erin Welch, Elise 
Eustace, Melissa Burns, and Gina Nevils. 



First Row (L to R): Maria Avalos. Second Row (L to R): Erin Skelley, Jenny Costalow, and Nicole Reed. 
Third Row (R to L): Jenny Schmitz, Margaret Dorsey, Shani Lemens, Sara McCutchen, Libby Debenport, 
Leslie Velez, Kathy Tyrrasch, and Coach Johnson. 

1 32 Men's Soccer group picture not available 


First Row: John Seale. Second Row (L to R): Spencer Herrera, Steve Butler, Charles Schmidt, Luke Swift, Anderson Home, 
Ben Elliott, Putnam Roberts, Asst. Coach Stacy Flood. Third Row (L to R): Head Coach Monty Curtis, Andrew Walker, Chad 
Pevateaux, Chris Gardner, Jason McGhee, Scott McNinch, Mickey Martin, John Endsley, Mark Mclnroy, David Moore, Spencer 
Thompson, Jeff English, Nolan Young, Augie Mendoza, Jay Anderson, David Bryant, Jennifer Griffith, and Andy Welch. 



First Row (L to R): Kenny Oballo, Mark Carillo, David Fischer, Jeff Gossett, and Cullen Hay. Second Row (L to 

R): Chris Considine, Bill Piotrowski, Troy White, Mike Moran, Wensel Bartlett, and Shawn Laney. 

Harriet Oberman, Jennifer Martin, Maria Ida Favia-del-Core, David Kizer, Perla Bermudez, and Sarah 



First Row (L to R): Janie Chavarria, Sonya Irani, and Sara Lucero. Second Row (L to R): Josie Ramirez, 
Christine Sparenberg, Kim Stewart, and Kim Darden. Not Pictured: Daniel Dodd-Ellis, mascot. 



First Row (L to R): Will Gloor, Juan Reeves, and Shawn Pipkin. Second Row (L to R): Alex Tackman, 
Matt Prasifka, Jason VanDonk, and Tyler Mercer. 



i i . i i ■ — ™*~~ • 

Cindy Flores and guide in the medina of Tangiers, Morocco. Caroline in the mountains of Northern Thailand with village children. 

Madge Vasquez in front of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. 

Three of SU's women at Beringer's Vine- 

Elmer & Matilda in the Study Abroad Program. 

Some more SU women. ..taking part in Arts in London. 


k l^%i 

There's no doubt in my mind as to the reason Alan, Lizy, Matt, and Ali are here! 

Madge Vasquez in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


Pamela Tamezat the beach in Lagos, Portugal 

*•* '■' '*;«.. • *» " • 

Juli & Jen at Leicester Square, England going for a ride. 

Matt Heavner at Tiananmen Square in the Summer. 

American Thanksgiving service at St. John's Cathedral in London. 

Jennifer and Carter at TGI Friday's in London 

Matt Ridings & Madge Vasquez enjoying Chile. 

Reena and Margaret at Windsor Castle (before it burned). 


^ ; . ! : : :.:::?:::::::::::::. ■ ■■' : ::*:::::: :: '' ; > J fW' 


Having a bad day John? 

Kicking back at the Pike place. 


Who needs a man when you have Tri Delts around? 

Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Doo taking a time out. 

Gotta love those loyal volleyball fans! 


j^^F *^* \j> 




■•'' '< ' t't / 


Taking in some baseball history. "Addicted to love" 

Jeff! This is only $10.99! 

Good morning Angels. 

Naked men, whipped cream... what more do you need? 


Diamonds, lions, and violets oh my! 

Third Kurth-a tradition of excellence. 




Adams, Eric 56 
Adams, Katherine 48 
Adunum, Adwoa 18 
Agee, Amy 18 
Aguilar, Rita 56 
Albin, Elizabeth 56 
Alexander, Greg 130 
Allen, Daryl 122 
Allen, Jennifer 108 
Allen, Martha 49 
Alvis, Sara 106 
Ammerman, Matt 56 
Anderson, Jay 133 
Andrew, Clay 118 
Apollo, Anthony 116 
Araujo, Jose 118 
Argabright, Jennifer 19 
Armendariz, George 19 
Armstrong, Daniel 56 
Arwine, Ajnie 19, 108 
Avalos, Maria 56, 132 
Aworinde Folasade 56 
Ayers, Laura Ann 56,1 10 

Babcock, Sherri 46 
Bailey, Karen 56 
Bailey, Will 114 
Baker, Brooke 40 
Balderrama Julie 56 
Ballard, Jason 56, 122 
Barbero, Luis 56, 118 
Barnes, Joe 118 
Baronoskie, Alan 116 
Barrons, Mike 56 
Bartlett, Wensel 134 
Bash, Benjamin 57,118 
Bateman, Marlene 54 
Baumgartner, Anne 57 
Beebe, Mark 57 
Bell, Kimberly 57 
Benavides, Miguel 54 
Bennett, Whitney 57 
Benziger, Adrian 57 
Bermudez, Perla 134 
Beming, Andrew 52 
Beselman, Lee 116 
Biggers, Christin 57 
Bishop, Heather 57 
Bivens, Stephen 57 
Blackburn, Thomas 49 
Blackmon, Beverly 57 
Blackwell, Martha 106 
Blaine, Wendy 124 
Blair, Matt 116 
Blouin, Kevin 20 
Blunt, Robert 57 
Boatner, Betsy 58 
Bohm, Maria 48 
Bosart, Beth 20,106 
Bouffard, Konrad 20 
Box, Jessica 58 
Boyd, Lisa 106 
Boyle, Lee 114 
Branson, Jonathon 122 
Brightwell, George 50 
Brinkley, Jami 58 
Brisch, Allen 58 

Brittan, Ryan 116 

Britton, Molly 58 
Brogan, Heather 58 
Broussard, Cara 58, 104 
Brown, Stephanie 52 
Browning, Bridgette 104 
Browning, William 58 
Brwon, Sandy 110 
Bryan, Stacey 124, 126 
Bryant, David 133 
Bryant, Michelle 106 
Bryce, Melanie 108 
Burns, Lesley 58 
Burns, Melissa 131 
Burns, Lesley 58 
Butler, Steve 133 
Butts, Jennifer 58 

Cadle, Christopher 58 
Cane, Matthew 59 
Carillo, Mark 116,134 
Carl, Glenda 48 
Carmona, Monica 58 
Carr, Tamika 58 
Carwell, Virginia 54 
Castanon, Marissa 58 
Castle, Cathleen 58 
Castro, Angelica 21 
Catanzaro, Christine 108 
Cathcart, Melissa 126 
Chamier, Suzanne 48 
Chaney, Jennifer 59 
Chapman, John 54 
Chaput, Chris 114,131 
Charmichael, Ian 130,128 
Chavarria, Janie 135 
Chen, Jeanette 54 
Chen, Victor 128 
Christian, Derek 59 
Church, Crystal 110 
Church, John 118 
Clements, Michele 59 
Clifton, Catherine 21,106 
Cobos, Dan 116 
Cogan, John P. 21, 116 
Cogan, Malcolm 116 
Colvin, Christopher 54 
Conkright, Jason 114 
Considine, Chris 116,134 
Copper, Kevin 59 
Corona, John 59, 118 
Corovessis, C. 59,104 
Costlow, Jenny 1 32 
Costlow, Lynn 59, 108 
Cotter, John 51 
Cox, David 59 
Crawford, Susan 59 
Creekmore, Cynthia 22 
Crenshaw, Marshall 114 
Crews, James 59 
Crooks, Brian 59 
Crowley, Weldon 49 
Crumblings, Sharon 59 
Cruz, George 59, 118 
Cuevas, Jessica 22 
Culver, LonAnne 22 
Curtis, Andy 122 
Curtis, Monte 133 

Curtis, Scott 118 

Cuthbertson, J. Ryan 60 

Darden, Kim 135 
Davidson, Steven 49 
Davis, Meredith 60, 104 
Davis, Rachel 60 
Davis, Thad 114 
Dawes, Kenneth 122 
Dawson, Jan 49 
Debenport, Libby 60, 132 
Degollado, Bach-Yen 23 
DeGuzman, Mike 116 
Delaney, John 50 
Delnero, David 116,122 
Dempsey, Patrick 60 
Denman, Richard 52 
Dennard, Amy 60 
Dent, Dale 114 
Dent, David 60, 116 
DeYbarrondo, Henri 116, 

Diaz, Liliana 23,110 
Dietz, Melissa 54 
Dillard, Casey 60 
Disorbo, Jim 116 
Doany, Nada 54 
Dodd, Robie 131 
Dodd-Ellis, Daniel 60,135 
Doenges, John 116 
Doeren, Keith 114 
Dollar, Heath 23 
Dolter, Gerald 54 
Donley, Philip 48 
Dorsey, Margaret 132 
Dotty, Paul 130 
Drawe, PAmela 60 
Drusch, Annie 104 
Duncan, Ashley 60 
Duncan, Lane 60 
Durbin.Jeff 118 
Dutton, Robin 110 

Eckhardt, Dianne 60 
Eidson, Harold 52 
Eleuterius, Lynnette 108 
Ellinger, Christy 108 
Elliot, Ben 118, 133 
Ellis, Connie 60 
Ellis, Deborah 48 
Ellis, Keith 60, 116 
Ellis, Mike 128 
Endsley, John 60, 133 
English, Anna Lisa 61 
English, Jeff 133 
Epley, Kristin 61 
Escobar, Rosa M. 24, 108 
Espino, Grace 110 
Eustace, Elise 108, 131 
Evans, Chip 116 
Evans, Lance 122, 130 
Evans, Tracy 24 

Faber, Paul 61 
Fabritius, Michael 54 
Fad, Kathleen 51 
Fairchild, Mia 110 
Fangue, Jennifer 110 

Farris, Gabe 118 

Favia-del-Core Maria 61 , 

Fike, Chris 118 
Fike, Dee Ann 110 
Fikes, Anne 110 
Fisher, Cadie 108 
Fisher, David 134 
Flemming, Juliana 108 
Flood, Stacy 133 
Flores, Cindy 138 
Flores, Lorella 110 
Flowers, Janelle 54 
Ford, Jill 25 
Foster, Chris 118 
Foster, Jason 122 
Foster, Mamie 108 
Francis, Brad 114 
Freeman, Lisa 110, 120 
Fritzler, Jim 54 
Fuller, Michael 25 
Fullmer, Jason 116 

Garcia, Gwen 128 
Gaines, David 48 
Galindo, Sandra 124 
Gandhi, Nimish 62 
Garcia, Dr. 52 
Garcia, Enrique 62 
Garcia, Voctor 118 
Gardner, Chris 116,133 
Garrow, Phil 118 
Gartner, James 114 
Gasser, Deborah 25 
Gatlin, Leroy 114 
Gegner, Nicole 62 
Gensler, Stacie 62 
Gentil, Jeff 116 
George, Amanda 106, 108 
George.Carrie 106 
Ghaemmaghami, Vafa 128 
Gibson, Margorie 126 
Giese, Ben 116 
Giesecke, Leonard 50 
Gillen, Dave 128 
Gloor, Will 116, 136 
Gonzales, Stephanie 62 
Gonzales-Salas, Maria 54 
Goolesby, Brian 118 
Gosselink, Pete 118 
Gossett, Jeff 118, 134 
Gould, Florence 51 
Graham, Lea 62 
Greifenkamp, Jennifer 108 
Greig, Julie 108 
Griffith, Jennifer 62, 133 
Gritzmacher, David 118 
Grubbs, Michelle 62 
Guarascio, Laura 131 
Guise, Larissa 62 
Guyton, Sherry 45 

Haberle, May 26 
Hailey, Amber 62 
Haisler, Kristi 62 
Hall, Amy 62 
Hamilton, Katie 108 
Hamm, Jeff 118 


Hammer, Paul 131 

Hamner, Scott 130 
Hamrick, Anne 62 
Hancock, Joseph 26 
Hanes W. Travis 49 
Hanke, Maria 62 
Haouston, David 122 
Hardt, Alice 63 
Hardy, L 124 
Harper, Suzanne 54 
Harriman, Arthur 54 
Hart, Heather 26, 110 
Hartley, Alurel 63 
Haskell, Halford 48 
Hassinger, Peter 118 
Haub, Alaina 63 
Hauser, Rosemary 54 
Hawthorn, Alan 114 
Hay, Carter 118, 134 
Heavner, Matt 140 
Henderson, 54 
Henley, Dave 116 
Henry, Melinda 63 
Herbert, Walter 48 
Herrera, Spencer 133 
Hilgeman, Fred 52 
Hill, Elizabeth 63 
Hillgardner, Holly 63 
Hilliard, Dan 51 
Hillin, Melissa 63 
Hirsch, Wendi 63, 106 
Holguin, Carmina 63 
Holland, Stephanie 63 
Hong, Paul 131 
Hooker, Douglas 50 
Horick, Robert 54 
Home, Anderson 63, 133 
Horton, Julie 106 
Hossalla, Richard 54 
Howard, Chris 130 
Howell, Phil 63 
Hoyt, Julie 110, 126 
Huang, Xi (Alan) 63 
Hudson, Nicole 63, 130 
Hughes, Heather 63 
Hull, Heather 63, 110 
Hunt, Amanda 27 
Hunt, James 54 
Hutchinson, Keith 54 
Hutto, Laura 40 

Imle, Jennifer 64 
Irani, Sonya 106, 135 
Irish, Shannon 104 
Isom, Ginger 64 

Jacob, Horace 52 
Jacob, Lisa 27, 110 . 
James, Joe 114 
Jarrell, Jeremiah 128 
Jeffrey, Jackie 64 
Jenkins, Lewis 131 
Johnson, Andrea 27, 104 
Johnson, Carrie 64 
Johnson, David 64, 118 
Johnson, Felecia 53 
Johnson, Sharon 54 
Jones, Jeffrey 64, 114 

Jones, Kim 126 

Jones, Michelle 64 
Jones, William 54 
Jordan, Tammy 64, 108 
Joyce, Lisa 64 
Juhl, Kathleen 54 

Kain, Edward 51 
Kandeler, Shelia 64 
Kaplan, Sybil 64 
Karin, Misty 64 
Karnes, Thomas 54 
Kasper, Staci 104 
Kenny, Steve 131 
Kent, Dale 64 
Kettle, Christine 28, 104 
Kilfoyle, James 54 
King, Joey 28 
King, Mitch 114 
Kistler, Kent 118 
Kizer, Amy 28 
Kizer, David 134 
Kleen, Brenda 64 
Klema, Kristin 64 
Knapp, Anne Marie 65 
Knipp, Erin 65 
Kobos, Adam 122 
Koerner, Drew 128 
Kolip, Heather 65 
Koutras, Charles 65 
Kryszewski, Jeff 118 
Kulvicki, Alayne 108 
Kwan, Marcus 65, 118 

Laney, Shawn 118, 134 
Lee, Carole 53 
Leffler, John 54 
Lemens, Shandra 104, 132 
Lemons, Carrie 65, 104 
Lewis, Roy 54 
Liedecke, Daryl 65 
Lim, Su-Min 65 
Lindh, Katrina 104 
Linsenbardt, Kim 65 
Littlefield, David 65 
Loeffler, Devon 104 
Lopez, Catherine 65, 104 
Lopez, Peter 65 
Lopez, Rolando 65 
Lorenz, Pat 116 
Lott, Jennifer 29, 110 
Loudermilk, Sara 65 
Lowe, Maria 51 
Lowe.Tracie 65, 124 
Lowry, Carla 54 
Lozano, Michelle 65 
Lucero, Sara 135 
Lyerly, Leilani 110 

Machann, Robert 66 
Mack, Bryan 66 
Mack, Robert 66 
Mackay, Jamieson 29 
Magill, Staci 66 
Magnuson, Joshua 29 
Mallet, Melissa 126 
Mallon, James 51 
Malone, Mystele 66 

Manning, Erin 104 

Martin, David 66 
Martin, Jennifer 134 
Martin, Michey 133 
Martinez, Wade 130 
Massey Charlotte 108 
Massey, Kimberly 66, 104 
Matta, Paul 131 
Mattson, Brandi 106 
Mauldings, Phil 45 
Maurer, Christ 30, 118, 130 
Maurer, Stephanie 30 
Maxwell, Jennifer 66 
Maxwell, Molly 124 
Mayerhoff, Rodney 30, 118 
McBryde, Amy 66 
McCanon, Daniel 66 
McClish, Glen 54 
McCorpin, Nancy 106 
McCutchen, Sara 67, 132 
McDaniel, Amy 110 
McDonald, Liane 106 
McElroy, Laura 67 
McGhee, Jason 133 
McGhee, Jason 67 
McGrath, Marcy 67 
Mclnroy, Marie 116 
Mclnroy, Mark 133 
McLaughlin, Castle 54 
McMillan, R 42 
McNinch, William 133 
McNitch, Scott 114 
McQuillin, Diana 104 
Meigs, Linda 54 
Melancon, Melissa 67 
Mendenhall, Steve 118 
Mendoza, Augie 133 
Mercer, Tyler 136 
Mercer, Tyler 31 
Mesen, Michelle 67 
Meyers, Jack 116 
Miles, Stacy 108 
Milkavich, Lisa 124 
Milkavich, Lisa 67 
Miller, Andrew 31, 116 
Miller, Jason 67 
Miller, Jennifer 106 
Miller, Kathryn 67, 104 
Miller, Michelle 67 
Miller, Thomas 67 
Miller, Tom 128 
Mitra, Shyamal 53 
Mizell, Michelle 67 
Molitorisz, Joseph 48, 54 
Moody, Sally 67 
Moore, Andrew 67 
Moore, Bonnie 67 
Moore, David 31, 133 
Moore, Dennis 118 
Moore, Jason 114 
Moran, Mark 118 
Moran, Mike 118, 134 
Moran, Molly 131 
Morgan, Robert 51 
Morris, Michael 68, 118 
Mosher, Laurance 68 
Mullins, Renee 126 
Munt, Glada 51 

Murphy, Meaghen 68 

Myers, David 68, 118 
Myers, Helene 48 

Nguyen, Trinh 32, 104 
Nguyen, Tuan Auh 32 
Nugyen, Haitrieu 68 
Nguyen, Lam 
Nieto, Chrisotpher 68 
Nieto, Marc 68 
Niles, Kelly 68 
Nye, Jeff 68 
Nagelkirk, Anne 108 
Nevils, Gina 110 
Nartz, Matt 114 
Nevils, Gina 131 
Newman, Chris 122 
Neville, Kennedy 51 
Naumann, David 52 

O'Brien, William 53 
O'Neal Netta 108 
O'Neill, Timothy 51 
Oakes, Cathryn 68, 106 
Oballo, Kenneth 116, 134 
Oberman, harriet 68, 134 
Off ut, Cindy 106 
Oley, Tom 128 
Olson, David 54 
Oltermari, Beth 130 
Ooi, Mike 114 
Orso, David 122 
Ortiz, Yvonne 68 
Otto, Julie 110 

Pannabecker, Marcia 110 
Paredas, David 32 
Pasley, Jamie 118 
Patel, Parag 128 
Patrick, Kevin 68 
Patton, Barry 114 
Pearson, Kerri 68, 124 
Peffer, Nicole 108 
Pentony, Eileen 118 
Perz, Alyssa 1 08 
Peterson, Ellsworth 53 
Petrecca, Kathy 124 
Pevateaux, Chad 68, 133 
Pfaff, Rebecca 104 
Phillips, Elaine 49 
Phillips, Laura 33, 104 
Phillips, Rebecca 104 
Phillips, Robert 33, 108 
Pieper, Chris 69 
Pierce, Julianne 69 
Pilcher, Walter 69 
Pillios, Cason 69 
Pinion, John 118 
Piotorwski, William 33, 134 
Pipkin, Shawn 136 
Pittes, Nehemiah 69 
Plake, Scott 128 
Plowman, Lisa 104 
Pluta, Joseph 54 
Pollard, Blaire 69, 110 
Popko, Laura 131 
Porter, Deborah 54 
Potter, Alison 69, 110 


Potter, Walter 52 

Prasifka, Matthew 34, 136 
Price, Laura 110 
Prothro Laura 69, 
Punja, Jumpon 54 
Purdy, Jesse 50 
Pursley, Roy 50 

Quist, Michael 34 
Quintana, Sean 1 16 

Ramirez, Josie 110, 135 
Ramsey, Suzanne 34, 110 
Rans, Cozmo 128 
Rappe, Jodie 69, 110 
Rathbun, Sarah 69, 134 
Rawji, Gulnar 54 
Redland, Becky 104 
Reed, Nicole 132 
Reese, Sommer 130 
Reeves, Juan 136 
Reeves, Mike 116 
Renker, Cheryl 69 
Revis, Mark 116 
Rhode Gert 128 
Rhoden, Lea 69 
Richards, Kendall 52 
Richards, Kendall 54 
Richmond, Margaret 69 
Richter, Gary 54 
Ridings, Matt 140 
Riley, Hayden 69 
Riquelme, Sonia 49 
Roberts, Kenneth 50 
Roberts, Putnam 70, 133 
Roberts, Sherrin 42 
Roeder, Robert 53 
Rojo, Christina 70, 110 
Romero, Raquel 70, 130 
Rose, Matthew 70 
Rosenthal, Michael 42 
Rosner, Greg 116 
Rossman, Pam 54 
Rothstein, Michael 70 
Runnels, David 35 
Ruppel, Erika 70, 108 
Russell, Julie 70 
Rydell, Jennifer 70, 124 

Salas, M 48 
Saldana, Stephanie 70 
Salerno, Allen 35 
Sanders, Catherine 35 
Schafer, Eric 71,118,128 
Schellenberg, Cynthia 70 
Schepens, Greg 114, 128 
Schmidt, Charles 133 
Schmitz.Jennifer 70,104,132 
Schneider, Cynthia 54 
Schreoder, Raymond 53 
Schultz-Widmar, Suzanne 54 
Schuurman, Angus 70 
Score, John 49 
Scott, Constance 128 
Seagraves, Ronda 54 
Seale, John Henry 70, 133 
Seeber, Jill 108 
Seip, Fred 118 

Selbin, Eric 54 

Sellers, Fred 50 
Sellman, Kami 70 
Setliff, Aaron 130 
Sewll, Laura 70 
Shearer, Margaret 71 
Sheffield, Amanda 71, 110 
Shelton, Therese 53 
Shen, Hsueh-Yung 53 
Shockley, Cary 108 
Sikes, Grady 118 
Sikes, Nick 51 
Sills, Barrett 54 
Silverberg, Lee 106 
Sinclair, Patrick 130 
Skelly, Erin 71, 132 
Skinner, Rebecca 71 
Slys, David 122 
Smith, Claire 104 
Smith, Dannette71, 106 
Smith, Deborah 71, 108 
Smith, J. B. 36 
Smith, Jamie 116 
Smith, Jimmy 54 
Smith, Lamar 130 
Smith, Scott 126 
Smith, Thomas 71 
Snell, Farley 49 
Snell, Lewis 36, 118 
Snyder, Robert 54 
Sommer, Deborah 54 
Sookram, Carolyn 71 
Sorajja, Paul 36, 118 
Soulen, Robert 52 
Sparenburg, Christine 135 
Spellman, Norman 50 
Stahr, Edward 71 
Starr, Bret 114 
Steigler, Ashley 110 
Stellman, Pete 71, 128, 130 
Stephens, Christy 71, 106 
Stephens, Todd 116 
Stevens, Juli 108 
Stevens, Stephanie 71 
Stewart, Kim 135 
Stewart, Kimberly 71 
Stippick, Brandi71, 101 
Stokes, Catherine 108 
Stone, Joel 114 
Strain, Kristina 71 
Strickland, Joseph 114 
Strippoli, Mike 116 
Stuart, Skye 71 
Styrsky, John 114 
Succop, Jeff 131 
Sumpter, Kristen 104 
Sutton, Randi 108 
Swafford, Stephanie 108 
Swift, Luke 37, 118, 133 
Syverson, Catherine 71, 106 

Tackman, Alex 118, 136 
Takas, Stephanie 124 
Talus, Carolyn 37 
Tamez, Pamela 139, 140 
Tattini, Angie 72 
Taylor, Beth 106, 124 
Tell, Tasha 124 

Temple, Robert 72 

Tharp, Amy 72, 104 
Thomas, Dee Dee 40 
Thompson, Leslie 72, 104 
Thompson, Spencer 118, 133 
Thompson, Verlinda 110 
Tiemann, Holly 72, 104 
Timm, Amanda 37 
Timm, Eric 118 
Timmerman, David 44 
Tobola, Erin 72 
Todd, Donny .114 
Torres-Pou, Juan 49 
Trevino, Lolita 104 
Trotti, Traci 72 
Tubbs, Terri 124 
Twilley, Steve 118, 122 
Tyler, Tanya 72 
Tyrrasch, Kathy 72, 104, 132 

Uribe, J. J. 122 
Uselton, Amy 108 
Utterback, 54 

Valentine, Jerome 54 
VanDonk, Jason 130 
Vasquez, Madge 138,139,140 
Veerkamp, Patrick 54 
Velazquez, Gretchen 72 
Velez, Leslie 72, 132 
Villa, Vincente 54 
Villa-Abrille, Francis 72 
Visser, Mary 54 

Wade, Rick 116 
Waggoner, Kevin 118 
Walker, Andrew 73, 133 
Walker, Gray 73 
Wallace, Catherine 73 
Walters, Jennifer 73 
Watkins, Heather 106 
Watkins, Melanie 106 
Watkins, Tracie 73 
Watson, Angie 108 
Webb, Jennifer 73 
Weber, Max 116 
Weeks, Michelle 73, 104 
Weinburgh, Robin 115 
Welborn, Teresa 73 
Welch, Andy 133 
Welch, Erin 73, 131 
Werlein, Emily 108 
Westbrook, Susanna 108 
Wheelis, LeeAnn 104 
White, Troy 116, 134 
Widner, Joe 118 
Wier, Don 116 
Williams, Meghan 73 
Wilson, Beaty 114 
Wilson, Michelle 106 
Wingfield, Sabrina 106 
Winn, Andy 118 
Winston, Lloyd 54 
Wolff, Xenia 116 
Wommack, Monica 73 
Wong, Allison 126 
Woodard, Brain 122 
Woodhull, Cheri 110 

Woods, Scott 116 

Woodward, Brian 73 

Woody, Jaime 46 

Worrich, Melissa 108, 130 

Wright, Leslie 110 


Yarbrough, Sarah 110 

Yardley, Stephen 54 

Yoeman, Jennifer 108 

Young, Mary 50 

Young, Nolan 73, ,133 

Young, Renee 106 


Zakielarz, Christin 104 

Zapata, Marisa 108 

Zercher, Jonathon 114 


•■«•■-* ''ji ioiMiiMiii-ii fi" r ** -^'^^^^x^gjf****' 

*2*Afe> ~<j**r*£a»** 



Making this yearbook was not the easiest project I have undertaken 
this year. In fact it was the thorn in my side the entire year. 5ut I 
still enjoyed it if you can believe that. / hope that you enjoy this 
year's Sou'wester . A great deal of time, tears, and laughter went 
into it. Although it is not perfect, I feel I did the best job I could 
with what I was given and the amount of cooperation given to me. I 
would like to thank a number of people who helped in big and little 
ways they may not even be aware of... 

First of all, to three of the best friends I could have found this year, 
Angle Castro, Ferla 3ermudez, and Jaime Woody. We have had a won- 
derful time, laughed a lot, been so loud we've annoyed people, and 
accepted who we each are and our little imperfections. Jaime, not 
only have you been a wonderful friend - you have been a tremendous 
yearbook advisor. You kept me working when I was ready to give up. 
Thanks. I love you all muchol 

Special thanks to the family - they had to listen to me complain and 
cry over this book. I wish you could have seen the fun it was at the 
same time. Thank you all for being there for me. 

I'd also like to thank Mr. Gordon McCullough (Herff-Jones rep.), Dan 
Yoxall (he kept me sane during the layouts of the senior section and 
kept me smiling about pictures), Nancy Faglarini (for those great 
golf and cross country shots), Sherri 3abcock (for working on the 
money problem that never went away), the Business Office (for put- 
ting up with all my frantic phone calls about the accounts), Student 
Activities workstudies: Helen Sharkey, lily Diaz, Ed Stahr, Thien 
Tran, and everyone else who helped with photocopying, filing, index- 
ing, identifying, and anything else you all did. DeeDee Thomas - you 
were really there for me in the end. You kept me from falling asleep 
by just being there in the same room with me. Thanks! Marisa 
Zapata - thanks for spending so much time talking to me about prob- 
lems indirectly involved with yearbook. You were a huge help. I won't 
forget that. Melissa Cathcart -I have found a new friend in you and 
that has made me so happy! Thanks for allowing me to vent about 
certain things when I needed to. 

Thanks to all those students who sent in pictures. I wish I could 
have used all of them. 

Thanks to everyone who helped ID the people "I had never seen in my 
entire college career!" 

Thanks to anyone I might have missed. Once again I hope you might 
overlook any mistakes and just enjoy and appreciate the cooperative 
effort put into this Sou'wester . 

Rosa Maria Escobar 
Sou'wester, editor